Hi friends, interestingly, someone has found my long-gone OKCupid …

and commented the following :

*note : although I am an ESL/EFL lifelong learner, I still find the below annoying that there’s too many spelling errors (even worse than I am). Can this guy not to send messages via smartphone?!

Hi there…
Dose’nt your brain burst of thinking so much? I may be annoying you by saying this line…
Anyway i just want to say that the life is so long and you have one brain only… is’nt it better to think posetive things more then all confusing things which gives you a headach?”

My descriptions are generally about I don’t really have hopes on finding THE ONE over there + I asked a lot of questions (generally culture shock regarding questions I have asked here, including pre-marital sex as a Protestant etc.)

By the way, is he too innocent that “Life is long”? ha?! Many INFPs and ISFPs will definitely say NO for this comment that life can be long…….HA!(This HA is a sarcastic joke for those you cannot decode my INFP trait at this moment.)

Oh boy, now I have proved that INFPs who show our authentic traits at dating websites will  NOT WORK most likely, unless we fake ourselves that we are POSITIVE, CHEERFUL ALMOST 24/7; ENERGETIC, ROMANTIC(which INFPs usually are…) EXTROVERT , WISE but lack of emotions and whatnot……….If this guy can change me to become the above, please, I want you “badly” , LOL!

If I take everything seriously at OKCupid (this site is usually a joke for me so far including a naked 6 packs guy who a conservative Protestant feel shocked about his pic), I think I might have depression soon………..@_@